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As you already know, in accordance to our motto “We select according to quality, not according to status”, the membership at NeDeNa is for free. Out of casual meetings with only a few members within the last 2 years, a solid network has emerged, with exciting company insights, lectures, workshops and much more. We continue to work on developing the network even more professional. 

The workload required for such a network has of course grown due to rising member numbers and consequently, our expenses as well. Since we want to stay available for all income levels, we came up with the following idea: Anyone who wants to support the network financially can do so. If you can’t or don’t want to, you don’t have to.  

Ask yourself the questions: Do you like what NeDeNa does? Do you see real added value / benefit for yourself? What does it mean to me that NeDeNa continues to offer services, organize events, support the placement of employees / companies / business partners?   

Here you can set your own membership fee. 

Thank you, 

Denis and Marten 

Support NeDena