Network of German-speaking young professionals

We selected based on quality, not status

The network

NeDeNa is the biggest German-speaking network in Spain. Despite of strict access criteria, the network has grown exponentially in the past 4 years to 900 members.

At NeDeNa, the members benefit from a valuable exchange of knowledge and contacts. Presentations at a company’s headquarter, workshops, business lunches or after-work drinks are just a few pillars of the network.

Our top priority is transparency of the network and the equivalence of each member. All participants in the meetups bring qualitative resources that have a long-term benefit for the entire network, as well as for each individual.

Highly productive business meetings

Issue – specific meetings serve as useful information, contacts and know-how transmission between the members. The meetings take place on a monthly basis, at constantly changing, and exclusive locations.

Exclusive network  

The reliability of the network is assured through an exclusive selection process. Combining know-how and experience, as well as the contacts of the members and sponsors, creates a long-term added value for all members involved. 


Valuable knowledge exchange  

Monthly meetings are supplemented by seperate events and online activities. In addition, special expert panels are organized on a regular bases, where members can gain valuable knowledge. 

Free membership

Our focus lays in intangible assets such as know-how, time and the initiative of each member. Therefore, members do not pay any admission or membership fee and in addition, benefit from various discounts 

Our sponsors

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NeDeNa - Summer get-together

Date 19.06.2020
Location: Rooftop terrace Antigua Fabrica Estrella Damm
Entrance: 19:00 Uhr

-Cancelled due to Covid-19-

NeDeNa - Sport Business talk

A panel discussion on the subject of “Sport Business in Barcelona” was planned on May 20th, 2020 at Club Natacio Atletic-Barceloneta. The event would have been part of the water polo champions league game between Atletic Barceloneta and Spandau. 

-Cancelled due to Covid-19-

4th birthday NeDeNa

On the 24.04.2020 a birthday party was planned, due to Covid-19 the event has had to be cancelled.

NeDeNa-Onlineinterview - Cooltra

On the 02.04.2020 the second interview was conducted with CEO and Co-Founder Timo Buetefish from CooltaAn insightful and interesting interview about the current impacts of Covid-19 on Coolta. 

Watch entire interview on Youtube.

NeDeNa-Onlineinterview - Goethe Institut Barcelona

On the 26.03.2020 the first interview was conducted with the director of the Goethe Institute Barcelona Gabriele Kreuter-Lenz. A very interesting conversation between Krystyna Schreiber and Gabriele Kreuter-lenz about the current impacts of Covid-19 on the Goethe Institute. 

Watch entire interview on Youtube


NeDeNa at Club Suizo

March event on 19.03. – members only
-Cancelled due to Covid-19-

NeDeNa After Work mit Telanto

28.02.2020 – members only
-Cancelled due to Covid-19-

Networking-Cocktail AHK

24. February 2020 for members only
-Cancelled due to COVID-19-

NeDeNa Afterwork

On 23.01.2020 at Cervesera Artesana. Members only.
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NeDeNa Christmas get-together 2019

On the 4th of December 2019, Raphael Werde invited all NeDeNa members, to a Christmas dinner, into his Restaurant Pau Claris 190 (“Best Fine Dining Restaurant Eixample 2018). The restaurant was filled to capacity. A very successful evening as a closure of this year.   
Pictures on Instagram

NeDeNa bei Gindumac

Themed on “Beats and Business RELOADED”, Guidumac invited NeDeNa to his place. In an amazing setup, the founders Benedikt Ruf and Janek Andre gave intimate insights into their entrepreneurial life. Accompanied by great music from DJ Fred, the member networked till late in the night.  
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NeDeNa goes Oktoberfest

Same procedure as every year! This year 60 members joined in the VIP-area. The Oktoberfest is a fixed component of our event calendar! 
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NeDeNa at Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm

We introduced the NeDeNa discount, themed on “You scratch my back, i´ll scratch yours”. All participants of the program had the chance to introduce their company within two minutes. Amazing location, outstanding evening!  
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NeDeNa at German Consulate General

Themed on “BUSINESS MEETS TALENT – TALENT MEETS BUSINESS”, NeDeNa invited, together with the FEDA / Edu German Business School, to the German Consulate General in Barcelona (30th floor, Torre Mapfre), for an exchange of knowledge, which focused on how to build up profitable synergies between the German-speaking businesses and start-ups in Barcelona and the German-speaking education sector.   

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NeDeNa at Momentum Data

In their spectacular rooftop office, accompanied by fresh drinks and a view on Barcelona, the two founders of Momentum Data, Sebastian Gmelin and Henrik Beckmann gave a presentation on the topic: “Automated use of LinkedIn for new customer acquisition and for existing customer management for B2B marketing and sales teams” 

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NeDeNa EU-Talk

In regard to the upcoming EU elections, we held an EU talk on May 13th joined by the representative of the EU Commission, Ferran Tarradellas. Our members had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics in the context of the elections but also share experiences with the EU representatives. 

3rd birthday NeDeNa

On Friday, May 3rd, 2019 NeDeNa invited members,  friends and family to celebrate its 3rd birthday at THE MIX.  They provided a potpourri of German-Mediterranean tapas, and Cookona provided the dessert 

Pictures on Instagram.

MWC 2019 – Get together Drink “Meet the German Start-Up scene of Barcelona”

MWC Get together on February 26th, 2019 at Casa Gracia. We would like to thank Catalonia Trade & Invest (Acció in Germany), who invited German corporate funds and start-ups participating in the Corporate & Startups Open Innovation Challenge of ACCIÓ MWC 2019, to this event.  

“Lean Startup - From an idea to a start-up business in less than 90 days”

NeDeNa @22tribes. Date: 24.01.2019. Time: 19:00 Uhr
Adresse: Lightbox BCN – only members

Click here for the Video

NeDeNa Christmas get-together 2018

On the 13th of December, Nina Runde, founder of “La Vietnamita”, invited all NeDeNa member, to an excellent Christmas dinner in her restaurant “La Vietnamita”.   

Pictures on Instagram!

NeDeNa @Travelperk

On 22nd of November 2018, NeDeNa and TravelPerk invited to an after-work event. 

Accompanied by wine, beer and small snacks, Javier Suarez, Co-Founder and CPO of TravelPerk, gave intimate insights into the history and rapid growth of one of the fastest growing SaaS start-ups in the world (# 5 with almost $ 75 million investment). 

Pictures on Instagram.

NeDeNa goes Oktoberfest

At the Oktoberfest on the 12th of October 2018 a table, for NeDeNa members, including access to the VIP-area, was reserved.  

Pictures on Instagram.


on 27.09.2018 at Black Lab. Members only.


On the 21st of July 2018, we had a great summer get-together at Barceloneta. We organised a Volleyball tournament, and a Paella-Dinner afterwards, for NeDeNa members and their family and friends.  


On 07.06.2018 at Depotlab Bruc, Kick-off “Ted-dena”  with previous MKT Director Nestlé Iberia and Director des MKT Master ESIC Luca Delloro

2nd birthday NeDeNa

On the 27th of April at Rambla Catalunya 52. Members and press only.  

Next Event: After Work Drink March

Members only

1. NeDeNa Start Up Contest

1. NeDeNa Start Up Contest: on 22.02.2018 at DepotLab Bruc. Participation for members only.

After Work Drink

After Work Drink: Am 24.01.2018 im Black Lab. Teilnahme nur für Mitglieder


Am 23.11.2017 um 19.00h mit Craft-Beer, Dj Fred und Hot Dogs. Teilnahme nur für Mitglieder.

Keynote Prof. Dr. Ing Lars Vollmer

am 19.10.2017 – Sheraton Diagonal, Nur für Mitglieder

Oktoberfest Barcelona

Oktoberfestbesuch am 12.10.2017. Freunde und Familie willkommen!

Promovideo-Dreh mit Cooltra

am 28.09.2017. Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl. Nur für Mitglieder

NeDeNa bei Criteo am 13.07.2017

Event im 25. Stock des Mapfrehochauses mit Vortrag des Global Vize Präsidenten (Canapes + Drinks). Nur für Mitlgieder.

Rooftop-Afterwork-Drink am 25.05.2017

Start des Afterworkdrinks, jeden Monat eine andere Terrasse. Start im Gallery Hotel – “The Top”. Nur für Mitglieder.

NeDeNa feiert Geburtstag am 05.05.2017

1-jähriges Bestehen, Feier in der Clandestine Gallery. Freunde und Familie sind herzlich willkommen.

Präsentation bei und von Playamedia am 23.03.2017

Vortragender: Julios Dreyer, Co-Founder Playamadia (, etc.). Nur für Mitglieder, begrenzte Teilnehmeranzahl, Dachterrasse mit limitierter Kapazität.

Präsentation Cooltra at NeDeNa 18.01

Vortragender:  Timo Buetefisch, CO-Founder und CEO von Cooltra. Nur für Mitglieder.

NeDeNa Weihnachtsfeier 16.12

Bei “Le Bistrot” – Freunde und Familie willkommen

Präsentation Get Your Hero at NeDeNa am 17.11

Vortragender: Sebastian Janus, Co-Founder “Get your Hero”. Nur für Mitglieder.

5. NeDeNa Treffen

20.10.2016 NeDeNa goes Oktoberfest – 17h
Nur für Mitglieder

4. NeDeNa Treffen

22.09.2016 – 19h
Nur für Mitglieder

3. NeDeNa Treffen

30.07.2016 Sommerfest, Vilassar de Mar
Nur für Mitglieder

2. NeDeNa Treffen

26.05.2016 – 19 Uhr
Nur für Mitglieder

1. NeDeNa Treffen

21.04.2016 – 19 Uhr
Nur für Mitglieder

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  • German-speaking  
  • Based in Catalunya 
  • Young professional 
  • Personally proactiv 
  • Business minded  
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